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I'm pretty sure it isn't even released, but the reason it is banned is because the 2 Pokemon that can use it become nearly unstoppable when holding it. Soul Dew gives Latias and Latios the equvivelent of a Calm Mind boost without having to set up, so they would hit like a Choice Specs set, be very hard to hit effectively from the special side, and still have the ability to Calm Mind further, as well as the ability to Recover and attack. Bye, Soul Dew is allowed in DW OU and Ubers.

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It is released. B/W2. Latios / Latias drops it after being captured.
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It's not completely banned. It's just banned in OU, where [email protected] reside. Soul Dew in OU would be overpowered. Latias' Calm Mind set would wall and kill like no tomorrow, and a 50% boost to Latios' SAtk, with the ability to switch moves? Oh god...
It's not banned in Ubers as the Pokemon that reside there have better bulk and offenses to deal with them.

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It's only banned in OU, it can be used in Ubers. But basically because of the crazy boost it gives. Basically, it provides a Choice Specs boost allowing you to switch moves, and 1.5x Special Defense. That's crazy!