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Yes you can You can rematch them once per day I think EM's DS clock is wrong
you can rematch them every day once it is a great way to get rich, you can fight
them every day once after seven days you can fight the whole family Pokemon:Buizel, (this for the whole family's Pokemon) Teddiursa, Lopunny, Bronzor, Kangaskhan, Golurk,
Shuckle, Lickilicky, Krookodile, Politoed, Weavile, Excadrill, Heatnor, Vespiquen, Kingdra,
Donphan, Bisharp, Lanturn, Tangrowth, Braviary, and...Haxorus!

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he did not ask what pokemon he had!
I know, I just added them for reference
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no you can not. unless you restart your game you cannot. gamefreak made it that way cause the riches give ALOT of prize money so ANYBODY could get rich if they could rematch
you can rematch them UNTIL there WHOLE family is there


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You are wrong, I think you CAN rematch them ONCE a day, your clock on your DS must be wrong...
if you mess with to much it will mess up your game
then YOU answer!
+ i dont hack
Stop fighting please ....please EM ...maybe Pokemmaster bann you for this behavior ..