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I've always tried to figure out who is stronger. Is White kyurem stronger or Black kyurem?

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Kyurem-W is better. Why, you may ask?
It can abuse its huge 170 Special Attack with STAB: Draco Meteor, Dragon Pulse, and Ice Beam. Kyurem-Black has that awesome Outrage, which can rip through walls, but it is forced to go mixed due to it not having a reliable Physical Ice STAB.

Kyurem-White's combination of Dragon Pulse / Draco Meteor and Fusion Flare hit unresisted in the tier, due to Turboblaze.

(Note that this is for competitive, in Ubers.)

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Black Kyurem looks better.
No it doesn't, BK is as ugly as hell
I am currently restraining myself from opening a can of whoop-ass.
W-kyurem is cooler. Even when it is shiny wich my W-Kyurem is a shiny.
Yeah he is right even though white kyurem is better black kyurem will always look better and even as a shiny BK is definitely better looking you couldn't even tell if WK is a shiny or not just my opinion but I agree that WK is stronger