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I have been working on a sand storm strategy. The plan is to have only pokemon who benefit from sand storm.
P.S This is a double battle, battle tower strategy.

I will start with either
Tyranitar or
Because they have the sand stream ability. I would pick tyranitar immediatly, but I think he has a lot of weaknesses and hippowdon is a good wall, which is what I want. But since tyranitar is a rock type he will have better sp.df.

 I want them to have toxic, protect /stone edge. I don't know what the last move should be.

Then I want someone with sand veil. I was thinking: garchomp or
I want them to have the bright powder so he will have great evasivness. Then I want them to have double team, earthquake, swords dance ?? maybe rock slide.
Gliscor is good because being a flying type he would not be hit by an earthquake. He would probably be better with hippowdon. Garchomp is the type of sweeper I want, he would be good with tyranitar, but he wouldn't be able to use earthquake.Cradily is another option. Though it is not ground type, it still wont be effected by the sand storm.

Next a rock type, because their powered up sp.df.
I was thinking about
Relicanth has good types, but he is not the strongest pokemon. Rypherior has a five star attack power. He only has a one star sp.df, but with the sand storm is would be better. Cradily would be a great staller, especially with the sand storm. Regirock is pretty powerful, and he is IMO the best pokemon who is only rock type. And Aerodactyl. He also has good types, but risky weaknesses.
I have no idea what weaknesses they have.

And for the last pokemon, I have no idea what it should be. Maybe a steel pokemon who is just good because he does not get hurt by the sand storm.

Please tell me what to put in the spots that I didn't know what to put there and tell me what changes I should make.


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Okay, I am the master at this. You will want to use Tyranitar, being a better Pokemon and getting the Sp. Def boost. Garchomp is an obvious choice, being very powerful and also getting an evasion boost. You can use Protect or Magnet Rise if you hve Metagross to defend against Earthquake. The final Pokemon are your choice. Here are my Pokemon that work into my Sand Stream team:

Metagross: Incredibly powerful and doesn't take damage from Sand Stream.

Swampert: Only one weakness and doesn't take damage from Sand Stream.

Roserade: This guy is great. Not only do you have a Pokemon to use Special Attacks, you have a Pokemon that can use Ingrain, Giga Drain, and Leech Seed to negate Sand Stream damage. Plus, if you have Weather Ball, you gain another boost from Sand Stream.

It sais magnet rise completly nulifies ground moves, so I couldn't do that.
Nope, the user is immune to Ground attacks. The attack isn't negated, just the user is now immune to it. Think of it as having th ability Levitate.
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Start with tyranitar with the moves protect, toxic, stone

edge, and crunch. make sure you train his attack as well

as defenses becuase his attack is in the top five.

garchomp can be breeded to know stone edge and

earthquake I have done it he will be able to sweep the

floor with many foes:)(breed with rhydon).

Cradly is a good choice becuase he makes a good wall

and gets a special defence boost from the storm. a

good moveset would be ancient power, energy ball,

swallow, and stock pile.

then regirock: hammer arm, stone edge, ice punch, and

thunder punch.

aerodactyl: aerial ace, rock slide, iron head, and


and for your last one lucario!: aura sphere, psychic,

dragon pulse, and extreem speed

becuase if you noticed you only asked for 5 pokemon so

i did six I suggested lucario becuase he is a good special

sweeper all your others are phsyical sweepers.

Actually, I only asked for four, as you can only use four at a time. It is good that you told me six though because I can use them all at different times.

Hmmm. Both good answers, which one is best.