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I literally have one Ultra Ball and I am battling Black Kyurem ._.

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If you defeat him, he will disappear until you deafet the Pokemon League again. Then it should reappear.

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Just to ask, can I run back to Himilau city to buy some PokeBalls?
If u defeat it, go to the Elite 4, buy some pokeballs, defeat the Elite 4, and it should reappear. Use dusk and timer balls for better effect.
No- I only have 1 Ultra Ball with me now xD. Can I zip back and buy some PokeBalls? And if I do- will Kyurem still be there? I haven't finished the game.
Have u started the battle yet? If not, u can. If u run away, Kyurem will disappear I think. So if u already started the battle, u r out of luck
No. I haven't.
Hav u beat the elite 4 1 time yet? If u hav, u can run back and buy some.
Are you fighting Ghetsis? That's the only instance Black-Kyurem will appear in battle. EDIT: okay you're battling Ghetsis. Kyurem is only catchable after the Elite 4 are beaten and you return to the Giant Chasm. Then, it will appear in its normal form.
No I haven't beaten the E4.
And yes I am battling Ghetsis.
Also, you can't run away in this battle since it's a trainer battle (technically). This Kyurem is uncatchable.
Your not supposed to catch it. Your supposed to KILL it.
Your welcome
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If you KO it, defeat the Elite 4 again and it will return.

Also, Kyurem should appear in its original form when you battle it in the Giant Chasm. It shouldn't be White/ Black because you have the DNA splicers.

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