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I've been playing Pokemon since 2008 and still don't know the fact between physical and special. Sorry folks I'm a bit slow but meh..


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Physical wall is basically anything that can take a Physical move. Deoxys-D, for example, is one, as it can take a Flare Blitz or a Body Slam with ease, due to its high Defense stat. Skarmory is another, having Sturdy, a nice, reliable Roost, and an amazing defense stat.

a Special wall is basically the same, but instead of using defense, it uses it's special defense. the most notable Pokemons for this are Chansey and Blissey. Due to their extremely high HP stat and their decent Special Defense stat, they can take a special hit or two or 30, if they have the bulk and moves to do so.

Now, it is notable that Physical walls usually have a bad Special Defense stat, while Special walls usually have a terrible defense stat. This leads us to Mixed Walls. one poke that can be considered a Mixed wall is Ferrothorn. With Iron Barbs, it deals with physical attackers by damaging them, and can invest little me in that lower, but still amazing Special Defense stat. As it gets Leech Seed and Thunder Wave, its a reliable way to recover HP, troll the opponent and make them easier to KO with another teammate.

There ya go. its nice to have a wall, but make sure you have a backup for it's weaker defense, or just try running a Mixed wall instead. Good luck out there in battling.

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thank you so much for this helpful information :)
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If you look at a move, say Zen Headbutt, for example, see it's category: physical. That means it is calculated on a Pokemon's attack stat.

Take a Pokemon that can learn the move, say Muuna. These are its stats:


Muuna's attack stat is only 25, but its special attack stat is 67. Since its Sp. Atk is much higher, you don't want to waste a move slot for Zen Headbutt. You want Muuna to learn a special move, e.g. Psychic/ Shadow Ball, since it will deal much more damage than Zen Headbutt will.

A "wall" is a Pokemon that can take neutral/ resisted moves easily, and one of the best special defence walls is Blissey.

Blissey's Base stats

Her sp. def is 135, compared to a measly defence stat of 10. Therefore, Blissey should not be used to take a move such as Zen Headbutt, but instead should be used to take a move like Psychic. Blissey is there to cripple/ stall special attackers, usually using a status move like Toxic, then using Softboiled to heal herself.

Lugia is an example of a mixed wall:

Lugia's Base stats

With a base defence of 134 and base sp. def of 154, Lugia can take both physical and special moves with ease.