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GSC -In Viridian city gym, there is only Blue/Green to battle you

    In seafoam islands cinnebar gym, there is only Blaine to battle you
    In Olivine city gym, there is only Jasmine to battle you

HGSS -In Olivine city gym, you only battle Jasmine

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Olivine gym w/ Jasmine, actually.
You do know more people will find playing HGSS more than GSC more interesting ... But I'm sure there are still people that don't like the newer games like HGSS and XY  and / or ORAS . But an answer is an answer , so good job with the extra info.
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In Pokemon heartgold and soulsilver you have to go to the lighthouse and battle then go to cianwood city to get jasmines ampharos some medicine. after that you can go to the gym and the trainers wont BATTLE YOU but congratulate you but technically there will always be gym trainers.