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I need to beat the Pokemon League and Reshiram is like the best Pokemon ever so, I kinda need it....


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You have to beat the Pokemon League to get him, sorry.

Once you beat the game you go to N's castle and talk to him and walk around for a bit. Then you battle his Reshiram which is lv. 70. Then he gives the White Stone, which is Reshirams dormant form. Then go to the top of Dragonspiral tower and awaken it. You catch it at lv. 70. Utra balls and quick balls work well, or use the Masterball if haven't used it yet. Good luck!

They say he has the normal catch rate of any pokemon thats not legendary
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Dragonspiral Tower.

After you beat the game. So yeah, after the Pokemon League.

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Oh, I beat the Pokemon League, already. Meet the Champ, PikachuLover!!! Now, I'm a rooky breeder, I breed Pichu, a rare Pokemon in White 2!!!