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I know theres a girl that will trade her alakazam for it.


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There's a swarm you can catch at the Desert Resort when the signs say so.

Source: Experience and Bulbapedia

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There isn't an in-game trade to my knowledge, however Hippowdon will swarm at the Desert Resort (after you beat the game).

To check swarms, go through a gate between/ connecting two cities (e.g. Castelia City and Sky Arrow Bridge), stand on the Information mat, click A, and it will show you the scrolling text that says "There's an outbreak of Pokemon at xxx!" If it's Desert Resort, it'll be Hippowdon.

A pokemon outbreak at desert resort! a wild cacturne appeared
btw, there is an ingame trade. I just checked :D
Seriously? Serebii didn't list it. I feel betrayed. :x

EDIT: I just checked; you don't *get* the Hippowdon, you offer it for the Alazakam.