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According to serrebii it happened in japan early this

year. so when will it happen in canada. if no one knows

can some one at least give me an estimate.


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Information is not known. Hopefully soon, before Black and White are released, and those event Pokemon come out. If they are going to do one soon, then it will likely be before Spring. America doesn't get the Mew event often, so I think we will have to wait till after all the Black/White event Pokemon come out.

Edit: Actually, with Pokemon Ranch, I think that a Mew event is even more unlikely, seeing as you can just get it there.

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But don't forget that you can get mew from my pokemon ranch.

How do you get that
Pokemon Ranch is available as WiiWare. Once you have 999 Pokemon on the Ranch, you can trade any egg to get a Mew, which you can then transfer to your game. For a full list of the Pokemon you can get see: http://www.serebii.net/ranch/trade.shtml