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There is a lot of picture and videos about it. What is it and is it obtainable ingame?


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Not obtainable in game, and here's Bulbapedia's take on it:

Lugia have been on occasion observed with their offspring, suggesting that unlike other legendary Pokémon, they have a breeding population. However, this is only shown in the anime, and whether or not they can breed in the games is still unknown. They are generally known to be peaceful, protective, calm, modest and benevolent; it is believed the reason they tend to isolate themselves from civilization is to protect humans and other Pokémon from their great powers. However, like all creatures, they can become enraged if they feel threatened, particularly if they are protecting their young. Because of this, contact with Lugia is best done carefully, most attempts at capturing one of these magnificent creatures has ended poorly, and is ill-advised as their role in controlling world climate is still not well understood. - Bulbapedia

A parent Lugia and its child (nicknamed Silver by Oliver) lived near Silver Rock Isle in the Whirl Islands. Dr. Namba attempted to capture both the parent Lugia and Silver for Giovanni in The Mystery is History, A Parent Trapped!. and A Promise is a Promise. Ash and Misty (Brock was not along with them) act as if this was their first time seeing a Lugia, as if the second movie never took place. Meowth, as well, said that he'd "never seen a Pokémon like that before!" On the contrary, the dub pays mention of the Lugia that was seen in the Orange Islands, with both James and Ash stating that it was "like" the one they'd seen in the Orange Islands. In both versions, Ash first refers to the baby Lugia as a "mysterious Pokémon." - Bulbapedia, talking about an episode where Baby Lugia has been seen


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Silver was a baby Lugia befriended by Oliver. It appeared in The Mystery is History, A Parent Trapped!, and A Promise is a Promise.

It appears in the anime. The anime doesn't treat legendaries as a "one off", and legendaries hatch as well, but in an unknown way, presumably because they are so rare that their habits are not fully understood. The Lugia Silver presumably hatched as small Pokemon, and will grow to a full size Lugia. It also showed that it had a parent, so it's presumed that Lugias are bred.

There is a hack version of Pokemon Ruby called Pokemon Ruby Destiny that has a baby Lugia which evolves with friendship, but baby Lugia does not appear in any official Pokemon games.

Silver (Lugia)

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