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Where can I find lugia?

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I want to know where I can I find lugia in pokemon sapphire and how can I obtain a master ball?and will I get a national pokedex.

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To get Lugia you must trade for it. Master Ball is located in Team Aqua's Hideout near Lilycove. By trading a Pokemon from FR/LG to Sapphire, you get the National Dex.

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Yeah, right! there's no lugia in sapphire! and if you trade a lugia, yes, you get national pokedex!

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YES, Trachy and Wobbuffet are correct, you MUST trade for a Lugia from either Emerald or Fire Red/Leaf Green.

You can get Lugia in Emerald, Fire Red, or Leaf Green by getting a Mystic Ticket*, where you take the ship (ln Emerald, it's the ship in Slateport l believe, and in Fire Red/Leaf Green, it's the ship in Vermillion) will take you to Navel Rock, where you can obtain Lugia.

*Mystic Ticket is an event item, and has passed a long time ago. The only way to get one is from someone else, or by hacking.

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