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There are tons of videos and photos that I have seen with Seaking.They say ''Seaking, f*** yeah !!" Why is that ? Why is Seaking so special ? these pictures here

is it allowed ? if not, tell me to hide it

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I found a few interesting facts about it:

  • Seaking and Goldeen are the only Pokémon that can learn Waterfall through leveling up, making it possible to finish any game without the HM.
  • Seaking's number in the Sinnoh Pokédex and the Johto Pokédex are the same: 079.
  • Despite its name being Sea-king, it still has a 50% chance of being female.

Apart from that, its just that it looks like a dumb fish. To answer the part about the swearing and all, its just people who are not all right making some stupid Meme's and posting them on Google Images. It looks like a fish which is floppy (Magikarp, Feebas) and is therefore made fun of.

Some of them are also forced. They are made to force into the internet culture. Some of them but not all are like that.

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It is the Name Sea KING that sounds pretty cool just like it is an royal king at battle.

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Seaking Meme
> F*** Yeah Seaking is a photoshop meme that superimposes an exploitable cutout of Seaking, a water-type fish Pokémon character, in images depicting various natural disasters and scenes of horror. While it has been often criticized as a largely forced meme on the imageboard site 4chan, it eventually gained a solid fanbase and spawned a number of rhyming derivatives in similar fashion to Haters Gonna Hate.

Definition of a Forced Meme:
> A forced meme can be commonly defined as something that a person or group attempts to force into internet culture. Many forced memes never become embraced by the communities they are forced upon, but some have successfully become a part of Internet culture.

It's just something silly that was initiated by a bunch of people. Seaking is being used because of Horn Drill (I guess; that's how I interpret the meme), and that's a OHKO move if it hits. Seaking is usually depicted destroying things, like the Titantic.

Seaking is just a mediocre Pokemon, with a rather plain design (resembling a koi carp), that's been forced into a make-shift cool image.

Forced Meme

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