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If you listen to Prof. Oak's radio Station, they'll announce a Pokemon mass outbreak every day. I steal mine from Mass Luvdisc outbreaks, and the outbreak is on Route (I think) like 19. If not 19, I mean the one right next to New Bark Town while surfing.

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You can get them from wild luvdisc (50% chance), rock smash, pickup, and pokeathalon dome on wed and sun. You can also get them from Beautiful Beach, Warm Beach, Stormy Beach, and Quiet Cave in the pokewalker.
Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Heart_scale#Heart_Scale

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Johto: Route 32 (With Dowsing MCHN), Violet City, Cianwood City, Dark Cave
Kanto: Route 19, Vermillion City (With Dowsing MCHN), Vermillion City, Rock Tunnel, Victory Road