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So basically, I wanted to change my favorite phrase and the thing I say when I'm impressed in Join Avenue.
I did, by talking to one of my assistants (the girl), and yet, people come in, saying my old phrase and the thing I say when I'm impressed instead of the new one.
Do I have to wait for it to change, or what?
These are new people, that are coming in.

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No its just because when you recruited them at the time they knew your old phrase and they keep saying it forever. You have to get someone else into your avenue for them to use the new phrase otherwise it will stay the same forever.

EDIT: Why'd you edit? :C You probably didn't change it and you accidentally pressed b and x'ed out of the change quote box or something. Either that or its a glitch. Don't play join avenue on two different DS's and try putting it on the charger for a while.

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