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I bred a male Snorlax and Ditto, and I was meaning to get a Munchlax. But when the egg hatched it was just another Snorlax! How did this happen and how do you get a Munchlax by breeding?!

i think you need a special item i dont know the name but thats also how to get a bonsly
Really?! I'v been trying to get one! What does it have to hold?

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In order to Hatch a Munchlax, you must give your Snorlax a Full Incense and Breed it again.

Source : Personal Experience

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Guys, is it a Lax or Full incence?
it is a Full Incense
Ugh, I was certain it was Lax..Imma hide my answer.
no problem.
Hey does anybody know what a Sudowoodo has to hold to get a Bonsly?
rock incense
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Full Incense. Give your Snorlax a Full Incense and breed it. The baby will be a Munchlax.

Oops! I meant to add this! You can purchase a Full Incense at the Driftveil Market (if you have Black/White2).