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Well I got a Crobat from Pokedit and I went to check Summary and it said each stat was....0!
Does anyone know what happened!? :(

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this happen to me because i didnt have 6 pokemon in my party. but i dunno if thats your case :/
this happend to me too i got a random electivire from gts and a guy said its the only way to get jirachi and i wanted one so i got in the internet setttings and i got the code and insted i got a electivire all stats were 0! and it was fainted so i use a revive and it was still fainted so i releaseed it [in the box]

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put it in a box an take it away that will solve the problem
experience: also happened

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Thank you phew!
dont use pokeedit to much a shedinja bad egg appeard to me :[
kill the bad egg
Pokedit is cheap. THAT SHOULD SHOW U!