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I mean that once I have fused Kyurem and Reshiram, can I then fuse Kyurem with Zekrom? (By transferring from Black Version)

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Sorry to say this, but that was really hard to read and it took me much longer to figure out what you were saying than it normally would have.

I don't mind grammar/ spelling inaccuracies, but when it gets to the point where I can't understand what someone has typed, I have to say something.
I have written in short form by the way
"Post in proper sentences, not text-speak or shorthand or long run-on sentences." That tidbit there is from the Pokemon DB Rules. If you have trouble spelling, that is one thing, but please try to make your posts as easy to read as possible. Posts full of unneccessasry abbreviations look sloppy and are hard to read. In the future please post in full sentences to the best of your ability.

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No you can't fuse both at the same time.

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Why can't I fuse them at the same time?