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Ok so things evolve to adapt to there environment. So Arceus spawns in a rock. That rock has feelings. Over time the rock grew a face. Then arms. Then learnt how to crawl. Hey Presto! We have a Geodude. Then Geodude evolves into a Bigger rock with LEGS!!! It also grew another pair of arms. Then the Gravler evolves into a bigger rock that loses its second pair of arms.
You see what I mean?
So my question is:
Why does Geodude evolve into a Graveler which has four arms, then loses them when it evolves into Golem?
Was there a event that happened whilst Geodude was evolving that was necassary for Geodudes evolution to have 4 arms?

Please don't answer with:
> Thats how Gamefreak wanted it.
> Thats how Nintendo wanted it.
> Thats how the Pokecompany wanted it.

Because I am sure there must be some logic on why Gravler has four arms.

Thanks in Advance ^^

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Only gamefreak can give a perfect reason for this, or they just did that for no reason at all...But since this is NOT the answer you want, I'll give you my best guess.

It appears that Graveler is a living, bipedal boulder. Its skin becomes tougher when it evolves. It also has four arms, but mainly uses the longer two to lift things, using the shorter two as a defense against attackers.

Golem Red/Blue description
Its boulder-like body is extremely hard. It can easily withstand dynamite blasts without taking damage.

So my conclusion is that when Graveler evolves to Golem, its body gets so hard that the 2 arms for defense becomes unnecessary, causing it to lose it during the evolution

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This is a very nice question and I will probably try and put it in perspective. So in the real world overtime things mutate. These mutations can be good or bad, good being adaptations which is similar to evolution if you put it in context of how you presented your query about how they adapt to suit an environment. Now when Gamefreak were making the game and designing the Pokemon I highly doubt they were thinking about is the Pokemon going to be able to be suited to their environment, past the initial design and background. Over time Giraffes necks grew to reach taller trees to survive allowing them to reproduce and carry on the mutation. In the game many Pokemon loose allot of advantages when they evolve, such as a water Pokemon becoming less streamlined. Instead they grow in strength. They also look better and cooler. This brings me to the conclusion of.

Pokemon don't evolve to suit a habitat, instead they evolve to grow in strength.
The example with Gravler (as much as I want to stick to the guidelines) can only be explained by gamefreak, anyway surely having 4 arms on a Golem would look stupid. The extra arms were clearly not advantageous in battle as the base attack is less.
The game is about Pokemon getting stronger, to be the best.

Anything I missed just comment.

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