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I've made some questions about Shiny and Normal differences,but in this case I can't see the difference

You will know the difference in battle because of its sparkle when it appears. In the pc there will be a designation mark, most often something like a star. Stop asking questions about what a shiny pokemon looks like.
No, He means appearance in Battle.
Since i don't break ANY rule, there's no reason for downvote.I know that shinys sparkle,I want to learn the DIFFERENCE between a shiny and a normal togetic.Remove the Downvote
And don't just Down Vote on completely legit questions. If you aren't sure, leave it alone.
It will still have the different coloration. I am just telling him how to recognize one if he doesnt see the color variation when looking in a battle or pc.
Our answers did just that. Now stop argueing.

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enter image description here - Pure Whiteenter image description here - Slightly golden
Well, the Shiny is just a bit darker in colour and nothing else. No other difference. And like every Shiny Pokemon, there will be a Star in the profile of the Pokemon and it will sparkle when it comes into play.

well,ok.Thats the last question I ask with the difference of a shiny and normal.Thanks
No probs LP :]
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enter image description here enter image description here

The shiny is tainted with gold. Whereas the Non-Shiny is pure white bodied.

thanks Sciz