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I've made some questions about Shiny and Normal differences,but in this case I can't see the difference

You will know the difference in battle because of its sparkle when it appears. In the pc there will be a designation mark, most often something like a star. Stop asking questions about what a shiny pokemon looks like.
No, He means appearance in Battle.
Since i don't break ANY rule, there's no reason for downvote.I know that shinys sparkle,I want to learn the DIFFERENCE between a shiny and a normal togetic.Remove the Downvote
And don't just Down Vote on completely legit questions. If you aren't sure, leave it alone.
It will still have the different coloration. I am just telling him how to recognize one if he doesnt see the color variation when looking in a battle or pc.
Our answers did just that. Now stop argueing.

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enter image description here - Pure Whiteenter image description here - Slightly golden
Well, the Shiny is just a bit darker in colour and nothing else. No other difference. And like every Shiny Pokemon, there will be a Star in the profile of the Pokemon and it will sparkle when it comes into play.

well,ok.Thats the last question I ask with the difference of a shiny and normal.Thanks
No probs LP :]
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Okay, I know this question is like, 8 years old, but I have something to add.
While both answers are right about shiny Togetic being "slightly golden" and "tainted with gold," the answers don't include anything about Togetic's triangles. On the shiny, the color of the triangles swap. All triangles that were red are blue and vice versa. The same thing also happens with shiny Togepi and Togekiss.

Dang, nice eye. 1+ing this just because i had no idea
huh I'm surprised this hadn't been an answer sooner in the 8 years it's been around; thought it was fairly infamous for being hard to spot
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enter image description here enter image description here

The shiny is tainted with gold. Whereas the Non-Shiny is pure white bodied.

thanks Sciz