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How many Ludicolo does Miror B. own?

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Kind of a strange question, but, I'm curious. After the final fight with him in XD, I was thinking 9 since he battled with 5 and was danceing with 4.

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Miror B.? who's that?
Miror B. is a character so amazing his epicness rivals Red's. :)

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1st battle: no ludicolos but he has 3 lombres
2nd battle: 1 ludicolo and 3 lombres
3rd battle: 1 lombre and 1 ludicolo
4th battle: 1 ludicolo and 1 lombre
5th battle: 5 ludicolos
He maxes out at five in battle so he has at least five but the ones dancing with him may have been the ones he was battling with though. He could have at least nine if they are differnt ones from the ones he was battling with. But its unknown exactly how many he has. He probably has a bunch hiding around or in his PC. Its never actually stated how many he has.

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Meh, good enough. The reason I was curious was because I figured he would have had the 5th one dancing around him with the others.