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It's impish so it's Defence is up and it's SP Attack is down.

Please help!


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Whoa...umm..well, that's actually ok for in-game, but if you are using it for wi-fi, I suggest you get a different Gengar. There is no way Gengar can be bulky, or even decently defensive. You could try giving it the normal set, and it would still do OK, but it wouldn't be as good as other Gengar... Are it's IVs Special Attack boosting? If so, there is hope for it, and you can give is special attack moves. Otherwise, I'm sorry, but Gengar just can't function at it's greatest as a defensive Pokèmon.

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Oh dear.
I actually tried to make a defensive Gengar on Showdown once, but it didn't work. Due to it's horrid base HP stat, along with mediocre defensive stats, it just couldn't work. I toyed around with the Natures a bit, but it seems that Gengar is destined to be a glass cannon...