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I saw the fisher man people using fishing rods in the game, so I wondered where I can find a fishing rod. I would like any kind of fishing rod. Please help me!


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PKMN White: you must beat the game to earn it. After you beat the game, the person from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, platinum will appear at your home. after he speaks, you could get the fishing rod.
(Super Rod) (there arent any other rods available)
PKMN White 2: You get the fishing rod from Cedric, Proffesor Juniper`s father, in the labratory after the elite four.
(Super Rod) (there arent any other rods available)

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  1. You must beat the game first, and then the game sort of restarts after you save.

  2. You'll be in your room, and you must go down into the kitchen, where your mom is talking to an inspector.

  3. He'll ask you if you'll help him search for the Seven Sages, and after you say, "Yes", he'll give you the Super Rod.

And there you get the Super Rod!

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