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I've started playing my Soul Silver again after 3 years of inactivity and I lost track of where I was with the Safari Zone. I have the national pokedex, got all 16 badges, caught almost all the regular legendaries, but I have no items to place and I just tried showing Baoba a Sandshrew, so at this point, I'm completely lost.


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The first challenge is:

Baoba will invite you to participate in the Owner Aptitude Test. Progression is required to gain access to other features of the Safari Zone. The first challenge is simple: find a Geodude in the Safari Zone and capture it, then show it to Baoba. You will find Geodude in the first area you come to (the Peak area) so this shouldn't be hard at all.

The secong challenge is:

Some time later, Baoba will call you on your PokeGear and invite you to take part in the second challenge, which requires the use of the new Area Customization feature. This lets you swap out or rearrange one of the current areas with another area - there are a total of 12 areas to choose from. You'll need to swap out one of the existing areas for the Desert, where Baoba will require a Sandshrew to be caught.


Hope this helps!!

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Ok. So I just tried switching Peak to the entrance, caught a geodude, put it first in my party went to Baoba(the gentleman sitting at the table, right?) and all he wants to do is explain objects in the safari zone when there are still no objects to place. So I haven't gotten anywhere yet. What am I doing wrong?
I'm guessing he has to call you first. That will start the challenge.
So as SP said you have to wait for him to call you, then you go and start the challenge.After you've caught the Geodude and Sandslash in the correct order and after he calls you, then you must obtain the National Dex. You obtain this just before heading to Kanto I believe. Then you will be able to place objects in the Safari Zone allowing you to catch different pokemon.