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Rivalry as ability, one of the moves is Attract, covering all Pokemon with Genders. I know, it leaves Genderless Pokemon unaffected, and you still have the Rivalry stat drop if you have Attarct working, but it might have a tiny bit of promise. I'm not saying this is a ground-breaking strategy, I'm just saying it could help a bit make Rivalry better.


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A gender strategy. It's very interesting. Either weakness foes of the same gender, or hinder the attacks of the opposite. The only real flaw would be genderless pokemon as you said, and the seldom seen oblivious ability. But I like this, people hardly ever prepare for attract, which is why it can be so deadly. I like it, perhaps having a team ready with super effective moves against some of the commonly used genderless pokemon, like Magnezone, Starmie, Metagross etc. Using your own sexiness to keep the foe at bay...

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Trachy unless you are in a double battle and have a pair that have attract each a differant gender then you cannot cover all pokemon becuase attract only effects pokemon of the opposite gender. Plus even so it does not effect genderless pokemon. you coud have the pair of the nido's luxray or any others.

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