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I actually heard that there is a glich in all gens to go to the orange islands..is that true?if it is not ,are there any gliches common to this?
I heard that you can catch the pokémon of the orange islands in the wild...you know,like a butterfree with patterns on its wings and stuff like that...

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There are loads of glitches in Pokemon Red and Blue and some in Saphire, Emerald ect. Here are the list of all glitches:

If you find it, let me know!

edit: Don't always believe what you see or hear, It could be a rumour.
Hope I helped!

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Thanks!i will let you know if I find one!
no problem xD
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I couldn't find any info on it and I`ve never heard of any glitches like that.
Hope I helped!

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Its just a rumor...probably is not existing...ty anyway :D