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I want to ask that move like superpower or overheat it will reduce the status of the user.Will it reduce forever like(100 attack and then use super power it will harshly reduce attack mean 2point are reduce so now the stat will be 98)will it be 98 forever or when get out of the battle it will be cancel.someone told me that after you use superpower change it out so it will be cancel or use white herb .can anybody tell me how to cancel this reduce status.sorry if I ask anything wrong or wrong grammar ,I am Thai

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The stat drop will go away after the battle, or if you switch out the Pokèmon. No need to worry. :)

The stat drop doesn't exactly mean the stat points exactly. Imagine this: say a Pokèmon has a special attack level of 0. When is drops, they have minus two. When you switch out the Pokèmon or start a new battle, it goes back to 0. Get it?

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You're thinking it wrong. It doesn't lose points, but it loses stages. And this is also not permanent. Now, when you use Superpower, your Attack and Defense each drop by one stage. Raising and dropping stages will multiply the original stat by a certain factor, based on what stage it is.

 Stages for Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, Speed
 Stage               Multiplier
 +6                  x4
 +5                  x3.5
 +4                  x3
 +3                  x2.5
 +2                  x2
 +1                  x1.5
 +0                  x1
 -1                  x0.67
 -2                  x0.5
 -3                  x0.4
 -4                  x0.33
 -5                  x0.29
 -6                  x0.25

 Stages for Evasion and Accuracy
 Stage               Multiplier
 +6                  x3
 +5                  x2.67
 +4                  x2.33
 +3                  x2
 +2                  x1.67
 +1                  x1.33
 +0                  x1
 -1                  x0.75
 -2                  x0.6
 -3                  x0.5
 -4                  x0.43
 -5                  x0.38
 -6                  x0.33

You can get rid of stat lowering by simply switching out, your letting your Pokemon hold the one time use item White Herb.

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When you get out of battle, the stats will reset and go back to normal.

However, if you give your Pokemon the White Herb to hold, after it uses a move (Ex: Superpower) then the stat reduction will cancel out. White Herb will disappear. If you use Superpower again, your stat reduction in battle will not be set to normal again, UNLESS, you either switch out or finish the battle.

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