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Is there any other way to get a Dratini in red?

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I want to get a Dratini but the only way so far is at the game corner in celadon.
But it would cost me a lot of money to pay for the coins to get dratini.
Is there any other way to get Dratini?

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The other way is in the safari zone. Go to a patch of water and fish with the super rod and keep fishing until you get one. You can do this as many times as you want because you are not taking any steps so keep fishing. When you encounter one follow these steps.

  1. Throw some bait.
  2. Throw a rock.
  3. Throw a ball.
  4. Hope for the best!
  5. If you fail, try again.

The other way to get it is by going to the game corner and getting it with coins.

  1. Go to the Elite Four or other trainers that give you a lot of prize money.
  2. Save up a lot of money and take it to the game corner.
  3. Go to the counter and exchange it for coins.
  4. Buy Dratini.

Sources:émon_Red_and_Blue/Safari_Zone and Experience.

Good luck!

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You can also catch it in the Safari Zone


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You can also get Dratini by fishing in the Safari Zone using a Super Rod. There's a 25% chance of meeting one.
In the Safari Zone, the areas are:
Area 1
Area 2
Area 3

Safari Zone, Gen I

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