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I'm trying to evolve my gloom into a bellossom but I need a sun stone quickly can somebody please help

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There are FOUR ways to acquire a Sun Stone in HG.

  1. Winning first place in Bug Catching contest.
  2. Pokeathlon Dome. Cost: 3000 points on Sunday, Monday, and Friday
  3. Receiving a phone call from a person on Route 13
  4. The pokewalker: Volcano Path (5500+ Steps) and Amity Meadow (2050+ Steps)

For me the easiest is racking up 3000 points in the Pokeathlon and and buying it. You have to wait for one of the specified days, but that is a lot simpler (and ultimately faster) than the other choices. So, start collecting pokeathlon points and be ready to purchase a Sun Stone on either Monday, Friday, or Sunday!

P.S. If you feel like you could win first place easy-peesy, you could try out the Bug Catching contest on Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday

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