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I heard Hail got a new effect. What is it?


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It has now been confirmed that Hail did not get this boost in Gen V. Hail is the same as it was before.
Battling in a hailstorm

    Damages all Pokémon who are not Ice-type.
    Does not damage Pokémon with the following abilities: Ice Body, Snow Cloak, Magic Guard, Overcoat.
    Allows Blizzard to bypass accuracy check.
        In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, allows it to hit through Protect and Detect 25% of the time. 
    Causes SolarBeam to deal only half of its normal damage.
    Causes Moonlight, Synthesis, and Morning Sun to recover ¼ of max HP.
    Activates the abilities: Forecast, Ice Body, Snow Cloak.
    Changes Weather Ball to an Ice-type move and doubles its power, and Castform to its Hail form.
    Can be lengthened from 5 to 8 turns with the use of the Icy Rock. 
Activating move: Hail
Activating ability: Snow Warning
Routes where it is encountered naturally: Route 216, 217, Mt. Coronet peak, Mt. Silver peak. 

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After a bit of checking around, I'm hearing the same thing: Ice type moves are now boosted by 1.5, and Ice type pokemon have their defense raised in the same way Rock types get their special defense boosted in a sandstorm. Of course, it hasn't been confirmed yet, so it could be wrong. So It would be a good idea to throw in hail on some ice pokemon now. It's good that they're getting more attention, they were always getting the cold shoulder.