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I mean, If I buy Black, will I need to buy Black 2? Are they direct continuations or can I switch up the sequels. Are there any important story connections that will be messed up If I get the opposite sequel?

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You can switch it up there will be only one issue.
You get the same legendary as the first game,

Black 1 Reshiram, Black 2 Zekrom. It gets switched up.
Vice versa for White.

That's the only thing that would be out of order, but it's what my brother and I did because he likes Zekrom more.

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Forgot to say, but Yes Black 2 is a direct continuation of Black 1. Same with White versions.
OH i didnt think theyd switch the legendaries. Well thats perfect then. No matter what colours i choose Ill still get both in the end. Thanks
No problem.