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What's the most diverse Pokemon that can take on an entire team?

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I already have a bunch of baton pass, dual screen Pokemon so I just want to know, what is the one best Pokemon that would be best as an all out attacker for BW? No boosting moves, no choice items just all 4 move slots be attacks. I'm looking for something that can cover every type without walls, and I guess it would be nice if it's own typing isn't terrible.

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It looks like a dragon type is your answer

Why dragons? Dragon type moves are only resisted by steel types. As such, most Pokemon are hit hard by STAB alone. As for steel types, they can be easily covered by fire, fighting, and ground coverage moves. Many dragon types are also very powerful, and here's a couple choices who you may enjoy, both of which are available in game in all gen five games, with no dream world, poketransfer, or hidden grottoes requires

  1. Dragonite:
    Ability: inner focus (if you have access to it use multiscale)
    Nature: adamant/jolly
    Outrage/dragon claw
    Fire punch
    Brick break/super power

Dragonite loves a speed and attack boost, and dual screens augment his already impressive bulk. He is somewhat slow without a speed boost however. He has extremepeed as a breeding move, but it is hard to get. He can also go mixed if you desire.

Option number two

Ability: levitate
Nature: timid/naive
Draco meteor/ dragon pulse
Fire blast/flamethrower
Focus blast/ super power
Earthquake/earth power

This guy takes the special approach, but like dragonite can also go mixed to suit your needs.
He is faster than dragonite but still isn't that fast, and will love and speed and nasty plot boosts you give him.

One note: the main flaw to my advise is ice shard, a super effective priority which will almost always take out dragonite and if hydreigon is weakened a bit remove him as well, but this is rare in game, though in compatible battles its pretty common

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Thank you!!!! both answers were pretty good.. but this one was awesome
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Well, I have a Porygon-Z on my White version, and it's at level 100 with a special attack of 405. I have Nasty Plot on it (it makes it pretty much unstoppable), but since it's a normal type, it can learn many moves (mine has T-Bolt and Tri-Attack on it). I would personally use him as a Nasty Plotter, but if you want all attack moves, that could be easily done. He isn't the best defensive wise, though.

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