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I know you can into N or Alder so on so on in black 1, but how about black 2? If there is, what is it?

i know you can change your character but i dont know any codes
I know the codes to different gender but i don't want that 'ya know?
You mean like turn into a Pokemon? I remember turning myself into Shaymin in Platinum. Ahh, the good 'ol days of cheating....
no not pokemon. just other people. but i do renember turning into arceus in diamond
Ahh cool ;-) I can't remember ever turning into another human but yeah that's cool.
Definitely. Its awesome :)

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No you can not at least not until now I searched for almost an hour without any results there may be a code in the future . But for now there is no code for that there are some people who generate codes you may request them to make a code for that and who knows they may make . If you want to request them they are mostly found on Pokemon fan club websites where you can talk directly like neoseeker , gamefaqs etc.Hope I helped!!!

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