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  • Route 2 (Near Lass Mali towards the entrance to Accumula Town)
  • Route 3 (In the dark grass. The northern portion of the pond, requires Surf)
  • Route 5 (To the right of the trailer)
  • Route 6 (North of the Pokémon Breeder In front of the entrance to Mistralton cave. requires Surf)
  • Route 7 (To the right of the house on the left)
  • Route 9 (To the left of Shopping Mall Nine)
  • Route 13 (Above the stairs leading to the water near the entrance to the Giant Chasm)
  • Route 18 (To the south of the Hiker)
  • Route 22 (In the northern part that is only accessible using the walkways)
  • Route 23 (West side of the river on the upper level near the entrance to the Giant Chasm)
  • Abundant Shrine (Near the Youngster right of the shrine)
  • Giant Chasm (Near the entrance to the forest)
  • Lostlorn Forest (To the right of where TM95 is found)
  • Pinwheel Forest (Left of the bridge, requires Surf (interior area)
    Near Challenge Rock exterior area)
  • Floccesy Ranch (To the right of where the Team Plasma Grunt is found, requires Surf)
  • Funfest Missions


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