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Just asking because the Masuda Deoxys knows Dark Pulse and Nasty Plot, moves it doesn't learn normally and I don't want to forget them in case I want to use them later. It sucks that event moves can't be re-learned. Also this is my first ever Deoxys, I am proud to say I don't hack.

Um, almost all people don't hack, not really much to be proud of :P
But anyway... just look at my coming answer...

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Look here for loads of Deoxys Movesets. Yeah, since this is ingame, just put any TM's on :3 It doesn't really matter what moves there are as long as you get Super-Effective in attacking.

That wasn't a very helpful answer. Those answers were made way before the Masuda Deoxys, so none of them has Dark Pulse or Nasty Plot. Also, if I'm asking for help, I don't want an answer telling me to do what I want because I could've just not ask the question in the first place.
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Attack Form

Deoxys @ Focus Sash
Trait: Pressure
EVs: 252 SAtk / 252 Spe / 4 hp
Modest Nature

Nastly Plot = Amazing. Deoxys you will never be moved to OU. Only Ubers 4ever
Psychic = STAB
Shadow Ball = Coverage
Dark Pulse = Coverage

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Shadow Ball and Dark Pulse cover the same types... switch out Shadow Ball for something at least effective against Dark...
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speed form

deoxys @ life orb

trait pressure

phycho boost =good final resort
nasty plot=the setup move
dark pulse=coverage

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