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If I trade my White Kyurem from White 2 to my White game, (along with my Zekrom from white) and restart white 2 and then use the DNA Splicers on my Zekrom and my new Kyurem, can I have both Kyurem Forms? Or does the Zekrom have to be from Black 2?


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No because to trade Pokemon between games you must save so Kyurem would no longer be there.

Otherwise a good idea.

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But does the Zekrom have to be from Black 2? Or could it be from White?
Let's say you're on your White 2 version. You go to Giant Chasm and get Kyurem-W. Now you have to trade Zekrom over. We encounter the same problem as before.

Now if you trade Zekrom over BEFORE you go to Giant Chasm, then you will have both Zekrom and Reshiram on the same game. You go to Giant Chasm and get Kyurem-W. But if you reset to get the other Kyurem without saving then you can't still have Kyurem-W.

The only way you can do it, is by having Zekrom, Reshiram, and 2 Kyurems on one game. It would be the only way to get both Kyurem forms.
And the Zekrom can be from either games from what I recall.
There is a Kyurem in white at the giant chasm after you beat the elite 4. And Zekrom is the star legendary in white.
Kyurem is just there in all Gen 6 games. Such a fail :3
You can't trade without saving. That is the entire crux of your plan. Therefore it won't work.

I'm not sure if I can make it simpler then that. It just won't work.
Yeah, it won't.