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Hello. To be specific, I'm trying to breed a female Natu in White 2 with a few male birds I have. So far I've used Braviary and Honchkrow. The problem is, none of them have a nature I want for me to use an everstone on them, so I'm trying to breed natures randomly in hopes I get one eventually. The serious problem is that every time I hatch the egg, I keep getting a Natu that's Rash and Strong willed every single time. Note that I am soft-resetting after each hatch, and I save before riding around on bike to get an egg made.

Does anyone have a clue what the problem is? It is frankly driving me nuts.

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Your problem is that you are soft resetting but had saved after you got the egg. The egg's information is determined as soon as you pick it up. Since you already picked up the egg, everything about it will be exactly the same. So if you want to be soft resetting, do it before you pick up the egg from the daycare man.

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No no. You misread. I said that I saved before riding around on bike to get an egg made, as in before the day-care man calls me to pick up the egg. Sorry if that wasn't clear enough. I could have worded that better.

For what it's worth, I found a Timid Rufflet on White and traded it to my White 2 to get a Timid Natu bred, but it still ended up being "strong willed" (high sp. def.). I bet it would had been Rash again too if I hadn't given the Rufflet an Everstone...