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You either have to find them in dungeons or at a Kecleon Shop.


  • Beauty Scarf (in Western Cave's B59F in Rescue Teams Blue/Red)
  • Lunar Ribbon (in Northwind Field 20F in Rescue Teams Blue/Red)
  • Sun Ribbon (Wyvern Hill 20F in Rescue Teams Blue/Red)
  • Link Cable (Western Cave 59F in Rescue Teams Blue/Red)
  • DeepSeaScale (Grand Sea in BR)
  • DeepSeaTooth (Grand Sea in BR)
  • Dragon Scale (Wyvern Hill in BR)
  • King's Rock (Wish Cave in BR)
  • Metal Coat (Southern Cavern in BR)
  • Up-grade (Wish Cave in BR)

At a Kecleon Shop

  • Coronet Rock
  • Frozen Rock
  • Mossy Rock

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