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It says so in the Movedex but I'm not sure, it seems odd because Absorb and Giga Drain don't require the opponent to be asleep. And I haven't seen it written anywhere else either.


I just wanted to check whether this is a mistake or not. It's not massively important because I have the TM for Giga Drain already, I'm just curious! Thanks :)


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Mega Drain does not require the Pokemon to be asleep. The only moves that require you to be asleep are nightmare and dream eater.
There is definitely a mistake there.
This is what bulbapedia says about it:

Mega Drain inflicts damage, and 50% of the damage dealt to the target is restored to the user. The amount of HP recovered is always rounded down.

Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Mega_Drain

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Yeah I looked at bulbapedia but the fact that sleep wasn't mentioned didn't necessarily make it untrue. Also the fact that anyone can edit wikis means that sometimes it's just unreliable. Good to know though, is there any way to move this thread to meta..? I didn't post there originally because I wasn't sure if it was a mistake. Guess I should trust my own judgement more
Im positive its untrue not only from bulbapedia but also from experience so its definitely wrong.  You could just go to meta and copy and paste it to move the question.
lol i'll do that, thanks :)