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On the second floor there are cracked floors. When I try running or riding my BIKE, I fall through instantly.

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What do you mean?
Looks like someone else is playing some emerald too.
Yeah, training my MACHOP, although right now as I am typing it's asking me: "Delete a move to make room for REVENGE?" "No. I hate REVENGE." I'm actually not going to evolve my MACHOP.

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Are you sure you're using the right kind of bike because there are 2 types of bikes and I think the one you need is the mach bike and you should hold B like you do when you're going up a slope.And just out of curiosity are you using a ds or a game cube?

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Um, I'm using a GameBoy.
I used both Mach Bike and Acro Bike.... Neither worked.
You have to get some speed maybe 4-5 tiles away and hold the B button at the same time
You need to go very fast across the tiles
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watch the whole video you need a special bike first visit:
second visit:

Oh. Not what I expected.