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I've used Reuniclus, Porygon2, Chandelure, and Meloetta already, but I'm kind of tired of these ones....except for Meloetta <3

So what would be some good ones? And can I get a moveset as well?

*Sends out Imprison Chandelure*
I think you mean Shadow Tag, because Imprison won't affect Victini much... In any case, Victini can just switch to Zen Headbutt or Bolt Strike. It'll be slower than Chandelure after 1 V-Create, which will happen, because Chandelure forfeits Flash Fire for Shadow Tag.
The main purpose of Chandy is come in on a Vcreate and use Imprison to shut down Trick room
So the process would go like this?
*Chandelure switch in
- Victini uses V-Create (Flash Fire activates)
* Imprision
- Zen Headbutt; Chandelure loses half of its health
- Victini switches out to Trace Porygon2 (good luck with that)
Jellicent is also a good candidate. If I wasn't lazy I'd  write a full answer.

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I'll list the most common ones for each tier (including LC! lets not forget)

LC: Slowpoke, Munna, Porygon, Bronzor
- all are good users of Evolite, able to tank many hits, especially because of advantageous typing & abilities, in addition to reliable recovery moves for the 1st three

NU: Musharna, Beheeyem
- Musharna has decent bulk, access to some good moves like Calm Mind, Moonlight, Baton Pass & Dual Screens
- Beheeyem doesn't have very good defences, but being so slow, it can set up Trick Room itself and sweep, since it has a base sp. atk of 125, which is scary for OU, let alone NU

RU: Uxie, Slowking, Dusknoir & Whimsicott
- Uxie has really good bulk, access to Stealth Rock, Dual Screens, Heal Bell, Trick
- Slowking has good sp. def, Slack Off, Regenerator, meaning you can use it again to set up Trick Room
- Dusknoir again has good bulk, a spin blocker, good immunities, access to Pain Split & Will-O-Wisp
- Whimsicott isn't a common Trick Room set up, but because of Prankster it'll still go first in most cases, able to Encore trap & Leech Seed stall before escaping

UU: Dusclops, Cofagrigus, Slowbro & Porygon2
- evo. Dusclops makes a very nice wall; good bulk access Pain Split & Will-O-Wisp
- Cofagrigus is arguably a better wall that Dusclops, since it has leftovers recovery, and the ever useful Haze; also can be used offensively with Nasty Plot, Shadow Ball & HP Fighting
- Slowbro is a common UU/OU wall, makes a nice pair with Blissey/ Chansey; Regenerator and Slack Off mean you'll be able to use it more than once
- Proygon2 has very good bulk with Evolite, in addition to a good sp. atk of 105, and though Trick Room would forfeit Analytic, Porygon2 has the benefit of using Trick Room itself in order to sweep

OU (& UU as well): Bronzong, Cresselia
- Bronzong has good bulk & typing, advantageous ability in Levitate, meaning only 1 weakness, access to Stealth Rock, Dual Screens & Explosion
- Cresselia has really good bulk, good support moves like Lunar Dance, Dual Screens and Icy Wind (for doubles)

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I have to say this is the best of the three so far. Since I can't give BA on these questions I don't think
(Forgot about Porygon2 in UU; added)
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Cresselia is boss.

Cresselia @ Sitrus Berry/Mental Herb
Trait: Levitate
Modest nature
EVs: 220 Hp/184 Def/ 104 SDef
- Trick Room
- Icy Wind
- Psyshock
- Hidden Power Fire

Not too fast. Most people would expect to outspeed Cress. Maybe it should be Quiet or Relaxed or Sassy or SOMETHING besides Modest.
@Dudepad: it has 157 Speed at Quiet Nature and minimum Speed IVs @ Level 100
This is my Cress in Doubles not really focused on outspeeding anything since she supports my team -.- Nature was just to get a Clear 2HKO on Scizor/Ferro.
Support Cress is one set you will see quite often. Some people run CM Cress as a wall sweeper as well.
Just a quick note that the title of noob doesn't go with experience. Someone who simply lacks experience due to just starting out is known as a newb or nube. A noob is someone who is just bad at something even though they have done it long enough that they should know what they are doing.
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I would try a Musharna. After all, it is incredibly slow but with high defense and special defense. A good moveset would be:

Shadow Ball: Good Defense Against Ghosts.

Psychic: Good Psychic Attack

Energy Ball: For The Fast Ground Or Water Types

And, obviously Trick Room.

Hope this helps!

Hmmmmmmm, I never considered an NU Poke to do well in OU Trick Room. I'll try that!
You should add EVs for Mushrana's set. Also, her current moves are kinda just random.

Calm Mind, Signal Beam, Psychic, Trick Room
Calm Mind, Signal Beam, Baton Pass, Trick Room
^ one of those two for a Trick Room set would be best
Musharna isn't a good choice in the higher tiers actually. It's pretty much outclassed by such Pokemon as Slowbro and Slowking, and doesn't have the defensive might of a Cressalia.