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Preferably rapid spin but defog would be alright too

I don't think trick room is viable in gen 7. A lot of tanks, taunt users, and status users can check it.
Yeah but I just wanna use Mega Steelix so bad. Besides it's not really that much of a problem since the guys in the group rarely go by any meta. It's completely unpredictable

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Rapid Spin
Since this is your preferred option I'll start with Rapid Spin. Turtonator, Blastoise, and like Jhnfui mentioned, Dhelmise are good options. Torkoal is slow, and not a very hard hitter, but it has good Defense. Avalugg is a solid physical wall, but can easily be knocked down with a STAB Fire Blast. Turtonator and Dhelmise would be your best options, being pretty slow, defensive and strong.

The best Pokémon I could find was Lurantis. It's surprisingly bulky, pretty slow, and hits well. Most Pokemon with Defog are at least decently fast, so Lurantis was unexpected.

Overall, I'd say Turtonator, Dhelmise and Lurantis all all good options. Dhelmise has the best Attack, Turtonator is the slowest and has the highest Defense, and Lurantis has well rounded stats. Choose whichever suits your team best.

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A good option I believe is Dhelmise. It has a 40 base speed stat so it will be slower than most Pokémon. Furthermore, it has solid defenses of 70/100/90 respectively. Also, with its 131 base Attack stat, it will deal out some good damage with moves like Anchor Shot, Phantom Force, Power Whip and Earthquake. If you want to heal, Dhelmise has access to Synthesis. Also, Dhelmise learns Rapid Spin via level up which is good.
Hope I helped!

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Also, if you want to use Defog, Scizor would be a viable option.  Defog is an egg move though.