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I have been using a crobat for some time and I noticed that whenever the opponet sends out a steel type I have to switch, waasting a turn. here is my moveset

arial ace
cross poison


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Some Pokemon are not blessed with a move to hit some types. Crobat does have access to two fire moves Heat Wave and Hidden Power Fire but these are both based off of it's special attack stat which isn't very good.

I would suggest teaching Crobat U-Turn as this allows it to switch out on anything while still dealing damage. This is why Crobat relies on it's team mates to deal with steel types for it.

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thank you mr.k i will do that
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The main reason Crobat isn't suited for battle versus Steel types is because of its typing. It learns mainly moves for Poison, Flying and status changers such as Confuse Ray or Toxic. I can suggest Hidden Power (Fire, Ground, Fighting for super effectiveness, or Electric, Water for normal) or Heat Wave for Steel's Fire weakness, but it would have to be covered up by stat loss by using something like Nasty Plot. Also viable would be having it learn Super Fang to cut the HP down somewhat effectively by halving it.