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What defensive poke can duo up with Forretress to make a sturdy defensive core?
I prefer the defensive cores that include a phazer.
SkarmBliss Skarm being a phazer
FerroGyara Gyarados being the phazer

What defensive poke that can phaze could partner up with Forretress?


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I know exactly who you need. Heatran. He has high special defense, which pairs well with a physically defensive Forretress. He is an exellent phazer with great resistences. Forretress works as a great lure for fire attacks for Heatran to take thanks to flash fire. Here is the set I recommend:

Item: leftovers
Ability: flash fire
EV's: 252 hp/ 248 sp def/ 8 speed
nature: calm
lava plume
earth power

Maybe you should add a steel type move for STAB (e.g. flash cannon)
Earth power hits other Heatran which wall it. Plus, steel type moves aren't always the best. I already get STAB from lava plume.