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  1. What are all of the differences between spiky-eared pichu and pichu?
  2. Can Spiky-Eared Pichu be shiny?
  3. Can you get a Spiky-Eared Pichu over wi-fi trade?
  4. Can you breed a Spiky-Eared Pichu?
  5. Can Spiky-Eared Pichu evolve and if so will it evolve into a regular Pikachu like Pichu's evolution?

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  • Spiky-Eared Pichu is a lighter shade of yellow. A normal Pichu is a little darker.
  • It obviously has three spikes on her ear, hence its name.
  • The Spiky-Eared can only be female.
  1. The Spiky-Eared Pichu cannot be shiny since it just joins your team and can't actually be caught.

  2. No, the Spiky-Eared Pichu can't be traded over by WIFI. You can transfer it from SS/HH to black/white(2) with the relocator. Contact a scientist in castelia city to unlock this.

  3. The Spiky-Eared Pichu can't be bred even though it's always female. Not even with a Pichu, Pikachu, Raichu or a Ditto. Anytime you want to bread it the day-care man will tell you:" Your Pokemon prefers to play with other Pokemon then with eachother. Well the Spiky-Eared Pichu is quite old since it lived in the time of Damon XP.

  4. Strangly, it can't. It will never evolve so don't even start training it. You could if you want to, but it will never evolve

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The Gen5 Relocator won't work with a Pichu.  The coding for this Forme of Pichu is not found in BW(2) at all.  Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Spiky-eared_Pichu#In_the_games
pichu is baby pokemon so obviously it can't breed.
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  1. enter image description here enter image description here
    The arms and the right ear

  2. Yes but it is preset to not be shiny

  3. No

  4. No

  5. It is set to not evolve


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