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What's a TM house?
Do you mean a TM department?

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Well, I'll try my best:

If you mean the Goldenrod Department Store: Head to the Goldenrod City and on the right of the Pokemon Center you'll find a Goldenrod Department Store. Head to the fifth floor. :)

If you mean the Move Tutor: I don't think there are any Move Tutors. The Move Tutors around Johto only teach you 1-3 moves, and there is one after beating Kanto. If you head to Blackthorn though, go into one of the houses and you'll find a Move Tutor that will teach you the 'Elemental Beams'. However, if you have any B.P there is one in the Battle Frontier that will teach you a variety of moves.

Hoped I helped. :)

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oh, totally messed that...Thank you!:)
Where can you find some one who can force your pokemon to forget a TM move?
In the same house as the 'Elemental Beam' move tutor in Blackthorn City, there is a Move Deleter. :)
Thank you so much!