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I would like to know what type is the rarest in each tier. I would also like to know the pokemon with the rarest type/types of each tier. Thank you very much. :-D

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Ubers: Poison (Arceus-Poison)

OU: Normal (Blissey)

BL: Ice/Dragon/Flying (Kyurem, Staraptor)

UU: Dragon/Bug (Flygon, Kingdra, Heracross, Yanmega)

BL2: Psychic/Bug/Poison (Cresselia, Venomoth)

RU: Dragon (Druddigon)

NU: Dragon (Altaria, Dragonair, Fraxure, Gabite, Zwelius

NFE: Ice (Sealeo, Vanlilish)

LC: Ice (Spheal, Smoochum, Swinub, Cubchoo, Snorunt, Vanilite)

My brain hurts. I had to count all the Pokemon in each tier, but I hope you liked my answer


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Rarest Types

The Rarest Types, or the Typing seen the least in each Tier are as follows:

Ubers: Poison Types (Arceus-Poison)

OU: Normal Types (Blissey)

UU: Tie between Bug and Dragon Types ((Flygon, Kingdra, Heracross, Yanmega)

RU: Dragon Types (Druddigon)

NU: Dragon Types (Altaria, Dragonair, Gabite, Fraxure, Zweilous)

LC: Ice (Spheal, Smoochum, Swinub, Cubchoo, Snorunt, Vanilite)

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