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When I go to the main menu and press battle competition and press to the wifi competition and then press check your digital player ID it says "You don't have any Digital Player ID data." How do I get it so I can enter the competition?

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To get your Digital ID for the competition you must have done the following things:

  • You must first try to go to game sync on your menu screen. There will be a password. It will tell you what to do with it
  • Register yourself on this Pokémon website
  • Register yourself to the June competition enter image description here
    Now you must put all the Pokemon you are going to use for the competition in your battle box. After you have done this go to Battle competition on your menu screen. press it and this should appear: enter image description here. Now you can press participate and it will then automatically download your digital ID.

    For further info about how to get in the competition click this

    Hope this helped and good luck

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well i did that, but it says there is no competition i can partocipate in, and then it disconnects from wifi...
But you need to register yourself on the site to this competition otherwise it doesn't work. If you have already done this everything should work well....normally...
i register online
Yeah but your game will only recognise the competition if you registered yourself into it