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Say I have a Stoutland with Sand Rush in Sand.
That doubles the Speed.

Then I add 252 Speed EV's to it, and slap on a Choice Scarf.
My question is, what order are these added on in?

>For example:
Base Speed + 252 Speed EV's x1.5 (Scarf boost) x2 (Sand Rush)?
Base Speed + 252 Speed EV's x2 (Sand Rush) x1.5 (Scarf boost)?

My question is, what order are they added on in? Thanks in advance :D

I've actually been wondering this myself.
That's good, we'll both get the answer, then :D
I dont't know enough to give the answer, but I think its:
(Base Stat + EV's) x all stat boosters
My reasoning behind this is that outside of battle, we see the effect of EV's, however, we must go into battle to get other boosts.

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The values are multiplicative, so because of the commutative property, you get the same value regardless of which one is done first. The order makes no difference when you multiply the values.

enter image description here

This big part determines the Pokemon's stat before it even enters the battle. This is the (Base Speed+252 Speed EVs) part you have here, though the whole thing is collectively one number being multiplied.

From there, you just multiply by anything else like stat boosts/drops, items, abilities, etc.

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Thanks a lot DT :]
Sorry for the late comment, but you know the EV/4 bit? Is that the amount of EVs divided by 4?
Yes. So 252 Evs means 252/4= 63 points.