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By putting those images I imagined Emolga's stance comes from Pikachu's Artwork by Ken Sugimori. Emolga and Pikachu are both Electric Type and Emolga has Flying Type as his Second type. Can this Be a considence?

See: ampharos plusle minun and pachirisu.
LOL, who hid Ninja's answer? It was so trollish it was funny.
Two answers, both hidden, I think there's a rat around here (besides the two electric ones above)
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Trachy, why did you hid my answer? Seriously, we use Trollfreak for questions like these. It means that it is just the creators doing and we can't answer it.
TBH, your answer was nearly non-understandable. And you could've offered speculation.

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Yes, it is a coincidence. Nice job noticing that they look alike, I never would of noticed that.
i hope this somehow helps you! -Jellohamster

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I noticed it. I just never posted about it. :P